• Ador
    Ador: A boy who thrives on adventure and excitement!
  • Eda
    Eda: Beautiful, intelligent and cold, she is not the girl to mess around with.

  • Sanwon: Slick, sly and extremely slippery when it comes to speaking from the heart.
  • Kaka
    Kaka: Chief of SPSIU, Kaka is the embodiment of nature and love.
  • Johnson Gu
    Arrogant and frightfully blunt, Johnson is the chief of the coveted R&D Department.
  • Rose
    Rose: Shhh...you don't need to speak. Chief Rose already knows what you're thinking!
  • Guvoe
    Guvoe: Owner of On the Edge, Guvoe is the man to follow when it comes to the latest trends and fashion!
  • Sichai
    Sichai: Head of IT Communications, Chief Sichai is a cunning old man played off by a warm demeanor.
  • Bovosa Fischer
    Bovosa Fischer aka Fish Warrior: Do not be fooled by his appearance. Fischer is the Inventor of Moebee and All-Eyes.
Exercising Tough Love—Arz, Head of the Maintenance Department
The Leader That Never Panics- SPSIU Chief Kaka
The Audacious Boy With Headful of Kooky Ideas
Get Hip Or Die Trying- Hip Accessories Owner Guvoe