Slick and Sly in International Affairs

Kyung Lah
March 28, 2011
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

Since the beginning of T.H.1522, a new “Vice President” position has been added to Pudoro Corporation. This VP is in charge of assisting the busy Dr. Shun Lu on diplomatic matters and international affairs. Mr. Sanwon, from Taiho, is the person to hold this prestigious position and is completing his fourth term. While Sanwon’s specialty doesn’t lie in the research and development of technology, his expressive mannerisms and people skills are widely lauded by everyone.  

Whoopi: Today, we’re extremely lucky to be able to visit the Vice President’s office. How are you, sir?
Sanwon: Hello and good morning, good morning! Your grand arrival has made my office so much more vibrant and energetic!
Whoopi: Oh, Mr. Vice President, you’re too kind. This year marks your fourth year in Pudoro Corporation. How does that make you feel?
Sanwon: These couple of years, I’ve put in an incredible amount of effort to position the corporation into the international spotlight. Looking at how things are right now, who dares to touch me...ahem, I mean, who dares to ruffle the feathers of the corporation? All the countries are fighting to get on the corporation’s good side. Take a good look at my office. It’s brimming with gifts that I barely have enough space for my files and documents! Ha ha...that’s how popular I am! Look at this magnificent jade sculpture. That was a birthday gift from the Taihodian Emperor. Isn’t it as handsome as me? And, this coat made from the finest rabbit fur given to me by the prime minister of Norlight. Don’t underestimate this lapin. Not only does it keep your body warm, it also emits a fragrance! This atypical rabbit is only found in Norlight. Next to the coat is a cavalry sword that the Kahn from Oirat sent to me for my last inaugration anniversary. Even the brave and courageous Oiratians must show me some respect! Ha ha ha! And...
Whoopi: Ah...Mr. Vice President, it’s not every day that people send swords, since it supposedly represents a “cutting-off” of a relationship, doesn’t it? 
Sanwon: Aiya! What do you know! My prestige is incredibly compatible with a cavalry sword! And...and that gold-embossed book behind the sword was a gift from the Arjitan king. But I’ve been so caught up with work that I didn’t have the time to unwrap it. The full-length mirror with intricate flower carvings was a gift from the Thaidenese ambassador. They’re pretty smart...they know that mirrors are a necessity for me...
Whoopi: Mirrors? To send someone a mirror means letting the receiver see what he or she truly looks like, doesn’t it? Speaking of this, we’ve heard through the grapevine that the new energy incident led to a few...damages to your physical appearance. Is that true?
Sanwon: Are you referring to that explosion caused by the moronic Bovosa? All those speculations and rumors are completely false...(combs his hair)...I’d already told him that it was not feasible. He should have used those resources to create fiercer robotic animals! That would  make Happical Zoo more alluring, wouldn’t it? Who knows what the professor was thinking.
Whoopi: (murmuring to himself under his breath) The VP’s eyebrows are naturally lopsided...Looks like I’ll have to get a closer look...Oh! What’s that large package next to the mirror?
Sanwon: I think that gift was sent by the SPSIU (South Pacific Seven Islands Union). I’m not lifting a finger to unwrap a gift from such a barbaric country. Who knows what Groveweald and Nocturn are up to lately...could they have forgotten my inauguration day? Aiya! I love to collect antiques. Antiques need to be ostentatious and valuable. The most important thing is, it must reflect the tastes of the collector or else precious treasures have no existing value. I’ve got more antiques in my mansion, and only VIPs have the chance to see it with their own eyes! Perhaps I’ll take you there to get an eyeful!
Whoopi: Thank you for your gracious hospitality and it sounds too wonderful to pass up! I’m certain that all the royalties and important people will not forget your inauguration day! Lastly, would you like to use this opportunity to say a few words to our viewers?
Sanwon: (combs his hair) Each person has their own forte. Dr. Lu is exceptional in the development of technology and I, I’m not familiar with that field but am fully capable of other diplomatic matters. Our scientists will use their technological edge and skills to enrich the corporation, whereas foreign and finance matters will largely be managed by me. Of course, I’d love for everyone to support my plans! Let me roll in the clouds of fame and power!