Beauty and Brains – Junior Researcher of Research Department

Kyung Lah
March 28, 2011
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

Sirtip: If you know Pudoro Corporation’s research department well enough, then you must have heard about a girl who looks like a movie star. Her breathtaking beauty would be the first thing that attracts your attention. Hold on though! Do not simply assume that beauty is all she has. Her brilliant mind is also another reason why to why numerous researchers fall for her. We’re here today to interview our so called, “genius girl”.

(Walks towards Eda’s seat)
Sirtip: Hello~ Eda!
Eda: (Lifts up her head without any emotion) Didn’t I say I don’t do any interviews? Why are you bothering me again?
Sirtip: This is totally a coincidence. It has nothing to do with us finding out where you love to hangout when you skip work. As you know, if we are supposed to cross each other’s paths according to our fate, then do not fight against fate! Take the interview without fear!
Eda: Fate? (takes out her magic poker cards) Sure, if it’s really fate, then pick a card. If I correctly guess what card you pick, then just leave me alone.
Sirtip: Err...Are you sure?
Eda: Of course, didn’t you say we should not fight against fate?
Sirtip: (In a blink of an eye, picks out a card) Yes, let it be then!
Eda: (Smirks) Two of Heart.
Sirtip: Ladies and gentleman – Three of Heart.
Eda: (Changes her expression) You cheated, this isn’t from my deck.
Sirtip: (Covers her ears with both hands) I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you ------, if you dare to use magic poker cards, why can’t I play a few tricks.
Eda: You…….
Sirtip: Enough, enough. Let’s stop wasting our time. Let’s get going with the interview! So, Eda, you became the youngest researcher of Pudoro at a very young age. Where were you before then? Was it hard for your parents to accept you leaving home at such an early age?
Eda: I have not much to say regarding my parents. I’m already part of Pudoro Corporation now. Isn’t this the best answer?
Sirtip: I heard that you are Sky Fly Circus Troupe Leader, Toben’s daughter. And apparently, not long after you entered Pudoro, you secretly left Nestree and went to your dad, didn’t you? Now that I have also witnessed you using magic poker cards, I’m assuming all these rumors are true.
Eda: Why are you wasting your breath if you already know what you know?
Sirtip: Err...that is also true. Then, Eda, before you came to Pudoro, did you outshine the others with your talents already?
Eda: What do you think? Do you think that I was born talented and smart?
Sirtip: I knew you weren’t going to answer me directly. But, don’t forget that I’m Sirtip. I've come prepared. In order to collect all your award-winning records, I literally circled around the world, meandering even through the tiniest and darkest of alleys to collect these glorious records.
Eda: Why don’t you just say you did everything you possibly could?
Sirtip: Oh yeah! That’s true…wait a second. Let me get a pen and jot this simple phrase down…Oh no, wait, why do I feel like you are trying to trick me?
Eda: You think?
Sirtip: Aaaannnywayyyy~ Let’s take a look at what you've done!  This is really amazing. It seems like you had achieved a lot even before you entered Pudoro Corporation. Look, the “Most Photogenic Baby Award”, “Healthy Baby Award”, and champion of numerous milk drinking contests. And, you also received the highest honor amongst babies, being crowned the champion of the “Crawling Contest”. This is truly unbelievable.
Eda: Do you really have to be this dramatic?
Sirtip: Is this dramatic? Not at all. You've also won spelling bees, glaring contests, writing contests, wrestling contests, rock/paper/scissor contests, speech contests…etc. Even after you entered Pudoro, you still continue to shine. In the corporation, you even won the dissembling competition and invention competition! The craziest is that, in all the polls held by Pudoro Corporation, like the “Best Spokesperson”, “Best Daughter”, “The Person You Want to Be the Most”, you all ranked number one! Aigh…. there are too many awards to mention. Just reading them out loud already tires me. Well, what do you have to say then regarding this?
Eda: I don’t have much to say (stands up gracefully). It’s about time. I'm going to take off now. Thanks for the drink!
Sirtip: Just like that? Eda, you didn’t say a word!
Eda: (Smiles) Bye-bye.