Exercising Tough Love—Arz, Head of the Maintenance Department

Kyung Lah
March 28, 2011
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

 Swen: What usually comes to mind when we mention the word “maintenance”? My guess is, something that requires a lot of labor and not a lot of brainpower. But is that really the case? I will take you all to the Maintenance Department of Pudoro Corporation, and together, we shall uncover the mysterious veil of what “maintenance” is really about.


(Swen slowly makes his way through the smoke and the sounds of thumping and pounding, gingerly avoiding the mountain of machinery piled up in the corner. Finally, he reaches Arz.)


Swen: Hello, Mr. Arz.


(Arz seems to not have heard, and continues to work on the robotic animal in front of him.)


Swen: (raises his voice an octave higher) Hello, Mr. Arz!


Arz: (wrinkles his forehead in irritation) Can’t you see I’m busy? Don’t you know it’s extremely unnerving to be disrupted in the middle of something? Now step aside! I’ll talk to you later!


Swen: …


(Silently waits for Arz for half an hour)


Arz: (His face is covered in grease and dust) Okay, now that’s better. You! You want an interview, right?


Swen: Yes. It’s a real pleasure to meet the head of the Maintenance Department, Mr. Arz. Could it be possible to tell us a bit about what your department does?


Arz: That’s strange. Haven’t you done your homework? What kind of a question is that?


Swen: (begins to sweat) Sir, this question is for our viewers. After all, much of what goes on inside the corporation is discreet.


Arz: All right! I’m just joking. Actually, our department is in charge of fixing any product that is broken or needs tweaking—whether it’s flying machines, daily helpers…etc. Obviously, we mostly take care of the robotic animals in Happical Zoo. Check this out—this is an elephant tusk that I was working on. Everyday, Maintenance fixes hundreds and hundreds of products. The usual mindset of people is that our department only requires labor and not intelligence. This is a stereotypical reaction and one that is completely false. Our department strives on refining our skills as well as shortening the time required for fixing robotic animals. Thus, as the head of the Maintenance Department, I can boldly say that it is one of the departments that cannot be missed. If it wasn’t for us fixing these machinery every day, the R&D people would have long been eating ****!


Swen: Eating ****?


Arz: That’s right, ****!


Swen: (cannot resist wiping the sweat from his brow, and secretly harboring a thought—people always said Mr. Arz was a blatantly honest person and it looks like they were right) It appears you’re unhappy with the Research and Development Department.


Arz: Duh, of course. R&D’s Johnson has nothing to do but to steal talent from us. The last time, I overheard him call the people at Maintenance idiots. How am I supposed to swallow this! How dare they complain about the rate we fix things. Don’t even get me started on their doings. If they hadn’t designed products that were easily broken, would Maintenance have to work day and night to fix them?


Swen: Then why didn’t you say any of this to the professor?


Arz: Sigh, the professor is too busy. Besides, once he gets into research, he’ll be completely oblivious to the things humans need to do for basic survival. He won’t have the time to deal with all of this. But, don’t you find it strange? Dr. Lu’s intelligence and wisdom is light years ahead of Johnson. Why’d they hire him? It doesn’t make any sense.


Swen: Er…But sir, no matter how important you think Maintenance is, you certainly cannot deny that the Research and Development Department is the core of Pudoro Corporation, right? The future of the corporation also lies in development of this department, no?


Arz: What in horse’s behind are you talking about? If it weren’t for Maintenance, how would all those animals in Happical Zoo, and all those products launched by the corporation be fixed? If we went on a strike, do you know how much of a threat it’ll pose? On the other hand, if R&D went on a strike, worst comes the worst, there will not be any new products. The corporation can continue to use their old ones! So, isn’t it obvious which is better?


Swen: …(Is…is this logic correct? Why does it sound strange to me).


Arz: So, the corporation has to recognize our efforts, and not just think its only R&D that makes the money. It’s unfair that all the elite people are assigned there! The best way to go around it is to place emphasis on Maintenance and send us the top of the line talent! For example, I thought Formerio Hu was a perfect candidate for this department. We need the kind of people who are great with details, wouldn’t you say?


Swen: Er…(claps his hands) Thank you, sir, for taking on this interview. We’ll not take up any more of your time, and leave you to fix the elephant’s tusk.