Who’s there? (breathing heavily). Huh? You may think I’m awake but I was actually sleeping. Oh well, what are you, anyway? Can I eat you?

Shun Lu
Dec 18, 1500
About Inventor
The brilliant mastermind behind Pudoro Corporation, Dr. Lu is stern and meticulous. His specialty lies in artificial intelligence and philosophies on the parallel world.

Sex: Male
Age: 15
Condition: Excellent
Habitat: Misty Forest
Personality: Manipulative, two-faced and speaks with a fake French accent. 
Animal ID No.: AD00300101008-01

Q:Chameleons are such fantastical creatures! Dr. Lu, what made you want to create this type of robotic animal?
A:Just like your eyes see, the chameleon changes his colors according to the landscape or background he is situated in. That’s why he’s almost invislbe on some levels. This can be said to be a precursor of invisible technology, and I will not rule out the possibility of using it on other plants and even architecture to greatly increase
Happical Zoo’s versatility.

Q:Wow! Can this invisible technology be used on humans?
A:I won’t develop a product like this that easily. If humans were able to become invisible,  I’m afraid those with flawed intentions will wreak havoc out of it.

Q:Many tourists have complained that they are unable to see the chameleon when they visit the Misty Forest. Is it because his invisibility powers are too advanced, or is he not even here at all?
A: (chuckles) Well, what do you think?