Ah! You gave me such a fright! It’s like this. A friend of mine recently borrowed my hat, and I have “naked-phobia.” Please tell Roda to find some clothes so I can get my hat back, would you?

Bovosa Fischer
Dec 26, 1500
About Inventor

Sex: Male
Age: 70
Condition: Poor
Habitat: Round the Clock Lightforest
Personality: Loyal and genuine.
Animal ID No.: AM00200101002-01

Q:Unbelievable! Pudoro Corporation is full of hidden secrets. Even a zoo custodian is able to create such a magnificent robotic animal!

Q:Ah! My apologies...Let me ask you. What made you want to create such an enormous creature?

A:Sunset isn’t the biggest creature I invented. I just wanted to prove that there is a softer side to large creatures. Sunset’s trunk can sew, do a handstand on a ball and pretty much everything. I believe Sunset’s situation will teach children not to judge by appearances.

Q:(blushes)Ah...I understand. What an incredible invention! I think there is no animal in Happical Zoo that can compare to her!


A:There’s no need to suck up to me. I’d like to get back to my work if you’re done. Done? I’m taking off.