What? Oh...There you are. I thought you were a head of lettuce...or something. Stop running around like that...like that. Be like me...do nothing, think nothing...isn’t that swell? Hmmm...

Shun Lu
Dec 18, 1500
About Inventor
The brilliant mastermind behind Pudoro Corporation, Dr. Lu is stern and meticulous. His specialty lies in artificial intelligence and philosophies on the parallel world.

Sex: Male
Age: 60
Condition: Excellent
Habitat: Ginger Walkland
Personality: Private and reserved; doesn't care much about the world.
Animal ID No.: AM00400101008-01

Q:Giraffes are rather therapeutic animals and coined “a walking art piece”! With such an elegant posture and beauty radiating from the tips of their horns all the way to their feet. Dr. Lu, may I ask what technology is able to create such an effect?
A: Yes. Giraffes are one of the rare animals that are created from an artistic perspective. The light you see streaming throughout his entire body is made up of countless light bundles and changes color to reflect his moods. For example, gold is serene while light red is anger. This technology is also used on our robots as well.

Q:Each of the giraffe’s leg is almost half a tree tall, and their necks stretch seemingly into the clouds. Are they unable to sit down and rest?
A:Robotic animals don’t need to rest. In the case of the giraffe, as long as he stands still, no energy will be lost. This means that as long as he is awake, he’s almost always walking, but at a relatively slow pace. Due to height, I believe that what he is stepping on and what his eyes see are drastically different. This is an experience that is extremely difficult for humans to imagine. I find it fascinating, and that’s why the giraffe is one of my favorite robotic animals.