Red-Faced Monkey

Muahahaha! Guahahaha!
Huh? Who are you? Why are you interrupting my devil’s laugh?

Johnson Gu123
Dec 29, 1500
About Inventor
Putting aside the arrogance, coldness and intolerance to idiots, Johnson is a brilliant inventor with endless ideas and skills.

Sex: Male


Age: 28


Condition: Excellent


Habitat: Skyrope Jungle 


Personality: Conniving, manipulative and enjoys adding oil to fire. Leader of the monkey troop. 


Animal ID No.: AM00800201003-01




Q:Skyrope Jungle has a very exotic landscape with a very particular-looking monkey leader. He is Red-Faced Monkey?


A:Yes, but unfortunately...(looks slightly embarrassed)...I’m very good at creating animals that look too cute. Sometimes I’m too focused on functionality and forget that the main function of the monkeys is to perform. That’s why Red-Faced Monkey isn’t that friendly-looking, I admit. But, he’s still one of my signature works.

Q:So what you’re saying is, Red-Faced Monkey can do more than just perform? Can you briefly introduce his other functions?


A:The large round eyes on this monkey gives off special magnetic waves that is able tp penetrate the object. Simply put, it can see through things, and the infrared system precisely determines the object’s distance, and even analyze its weakness. Red-Face also has telepathic abilities with the other monkeys, helping them to swing through the woods without hindrance and without putting their lives in danger.


Q:Why did you think of installing such powerful eyes on the monkey?


A:I was obsessed with military shooting games during that period...what? Do you have a problem with that?