Who is it? Are you lost? Ah! You were laughing behind my back, weren’t you! Humph!

Johnson Gu123
Dec 18, 1500
About Inventor
Putting aside the arrogance, coldness and intolerance to idiots, Johnson is a brilliant inventor with endless ideas and skills.

Sex: Male
Age: 30
Condition: Fair 
Habitat: Round the Clock Lightforest
Personality: Fair and majestic, Yellowstone is the king of the zoo. However, a failure in a chip implantation left him with only 60% of his energy. Attempt to escape goes wrong, leaving the tiger with a high and pitchy kitten-like squeal.
Animal ID No.: AM01000101003-01

Q:I’ll just get straight to the point, Chief Johnson. Why did you create Yellowstone’s voice to “special”?

A:Yellowstone isn’t just a typical robotic animal. He has an extraordinarily high intelligence and leadership skills that surpass all the other animals. However, his impulsive and unsteady nature caused him to damage his own audio system. I believe that he had recklessly rammed his head against the walls of Happical Zoo.

Q:Well, do you plain on fixing him?

A:I did, at first, but the Vice President was against it. He claimed that the children prefer Yellowstone this way. His entire stature is twice the size of a typical tiger, and coupled with his original ferocious roar frightened the visiting children. Since the kids love him now, the matter will be postponed until later.

Q:So what you’re saying is, Yellowstone isn’t as mighty as the rumors say? That he’s just a toy cat now?
A:No. (Johnson’s eyes flashed). You are extremely off the mark. No matter what, Yellowstone will always be the most powerful creature in Happical Zoo. His strength is stronger than you can possibly imagine, and he’s also been installed with a sonic propulsion motor system. Would you still call an animal that runs like the speed of light and can tear apart trees with his claws a toy cat?