Oct 06, 1511
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Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

Kaka, Chief of the South Pacific Seven Island Union (SPSIU), has arrived at Pudoro Island this morning and right paid a visit to Nestree afterwards to negotiate with members of Pudoro Corp about the reconstruction plan after the merciless rain.

SPSIU Chief To Visit Pudoro Corporation

After being hit by a devastating flood last month, the SPSIU faces a tough road ahead to recovery. The flood destroyed resources such as residential and commercial buildings, food, and agricultural goods. The situation has worsened to the point that Chief Kaka has now cried to the public for a helping hand. Kaka stated that due to rainstorms that lasted several days, the SPSIU has been crippled to war-zone like conditions. He expressed the tremendous sorrow he felt upon witnessing the conditions the victims, the majority of which have no food, no clothes, and are unsheltered, affected by the flood are now struggling through. He also noted that the immense rebuilding process is far too great of a task for any nation to handle alone and is requesting the help of surrounding nations in hopes that the SPSIU can soon get back on its feet.

Nestree Explosion Raises Eyebrows on New Energy Plan

Early this afternoon at roughly two P.M., an explosion occurred in Pudoro Corporation’s headquarters—Nestree. Large clouds of smoke bellowed into the air as fiery balls of fire stained the sky a temporary reddish-orange color. Rumors have it that the research and development department in the basement suffered a failed experiment, resulting in half a number of staff members suffering minor injuries. Eyewitnesses to this incident claimed that after two shots of explosion rang out, heavy black smoke fumed out of the department and into the sky.

Unveiling the World's First Robotic Animal

Life has indeed become a lot easier, or at least more convenient, since Pudoro Corporation introduced a wide range of high-tech, albeit user-friendly, products to the general public. From the easy, no-fuss fusion cuisine cooker to the sheer, fuzzy gloves that won’t obstruct your hands while keeping you warm, to the draw-out light papers which enable light to be present any time, anywhere.

Panic Over Eerie Scratch Marks

Pu-La, a small fishing village located on the northern parts of Pudoro Island had been a quiet, peaceful town until recently. Mysterious scratch marks on doors, houses, and trees have caused widespread panic in the little village. Adults have gone as far as warning children not to go outside before nine in the morning and after seven at night. There have been reports of strange noises in a forest near the sea. The residents are treating the matter with caution and some are suggesting unknown animals as the culprits.

Happical Zoo Painted With Royal Hue

Happical Zoo—the all-time subject of people’s talks since its grand opening—again, did not let us down. It caused a massive sensation during the first few months and continues to trend strongly now. Even the royal VIP guests from foreign countries can be seen lining up, creating a unique scene for the local residents.

Tiger’s Sudden Voice Change Shocks Visitors!

Several visitors were quite surprised to discover their favorite animal at Happical Zoo had disappeared from its previous habitat. Turns out, the “King Spokesperson” tiger had merely been relocated to a remote corner of the zoo. In addition, his once, low-bass sexy roar had suddenly become high-pitched and squeaky, as if he had downed several bottles of laughing gas! It was a rather comical sight that induced more than its share of debate and spectacle, drawing more and more people into the tiger’s surroundings. Regarding the sudden change in habitat and change in voice, the Corporation has yet to step out to clarify the air, thus rumors and speculations continue to spread through the grapevine.