Young Talent!

Trying to find amiable companions to join you on your adventures? Say hello to Eda and Ador!

A thick shadow hovers over Roda's identity, but the little robot has disappeared. Help us find Roda!
The Firefly Brothers

Looking for a special performance to wow your friends? Let the Firefly Brothers bring the house down with their glorifying glow-in-the dark show!

Got a children\\\'s birthday coming up? Please your temper tantrum toddler with Sunset\\\'s wacky acrobatics! The gentle elephant can do a handstand with his trunk!

Need a ride? Moebee\'s mouth is a spacious auditorium with floor length windows to view the magnificent attractions of Floating World!

Want a labyrinth? Moler can get the job done within a day! Watch as he claws his way through the ground, and voila! A-maze-ing! Just be aware of his wondrous \"ahem\" singing!
Pudoro City

Visit Pudoro City for a day and breathe in sights and sounds!

Want to play a prank on your friends? Ring Red-faced monkey and his entourage and they'll make sure to do some monkeying around!

Wanted! Baldhead robber attempts to steal from Dong\'s Gold and Jewelry Center!
Tsunami of the century

In search of victims of the tsunami tragedy. Please pray for those who are missing and their families.

Rrrrrrroar! Looking for a tiger that won\'t eat you up? Yellowstone is the pussycat for you! Ahhh!

. Need something to decorate your front yard? Hermit, the giraffe, will do the trick. Make sure there\'s plenty of grass to keep him busy!