Grand Opening of Happical Zoo
Aug 25, 1500

Pudoro Corporation will hold a ceremony on March 1st to celebrate the grand opening of Happical Zoo. The highly anticipated project has garnered widespread media coverage by putting some of the world’s rarest and most sophisticated robotic animals in one big interactive playground. Located on the northeastern part of Pudoro Island, Happical Zoo (a combination of happy and magical) will house robotic animals that are created by the research staff of the corporation. The zoo is ready to be revealed to the public once safety inspection is completed sometime in the middle of next month. 
Led by Dr. Shun Lu, President of Pudoro Corporation, the research department’s robotic creations are fully equipped with artificial intelligence. In order to maintain the nature of the animals’ habitats as well as uphold security measures, an invisible fence hovers above the zoo. Visitors can freely interact with the roaming animals in a safe environment.
Currently, this zoo is going to rock people’s perceptions of scientific technologies, featuring various robotic animals with diverged characteristics and functions, such as the speedy wolf, mighty hippo, jingle deer, dancing-Firefly and etc. In the near future, this wonderland would definitely stand out on the globe as a safe choice for children and adults alike.
The first group of animals revealed include, among others, the Lightning Wolf, the Sumo Hippo, Christmas Deer and the Speed of Light Albatross. With a multitude of talents and charisma, visitors are in for a spectacular, eye-opening experience. The future Happical Zoo will be the global destination for entertaining dates, family outings and field trips, as it is has no limitations to age!
On the opening day, the first hundred children under 12 can visit the zoo free of charge. Happical Zoo awaits everyone’s arrival to explore its scientific breakthrough and promises to bring more innovations, one after another.