Let’s Party with Dinosaurs in Happical Zoo
Aug 30, 1507

A couple of years ago, who would have thought that one day, humans could see live dinosaurs walking down the street in present time? The idea seemed utterly unfathomable. That is, until Pudoro Corporation released its first official robotic animal.
This time, the corporation that enjoys taking on the impossible, are about to make everyone’s dream a reality, bringing back what were once considered the “most terrible creatures in the world” right to the Prehistoric World, sister of Happical Zoo.
To celebrate the grand opening, Happical Zoo held a dinosaur-themed party with a series of activities for visitors to enjoy: face painting, trivia quizzes, dress-up competitions and theater acts. The party was a huge success, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world, including a hundred children from impoverished families who were invited free of charge to join in the fun.
During the course of the day, the children actively answered various questions (winning them stuffed dinosaurs) and impressed onlookers with their creative interpretation of pre-historic animals. The highlight of the day was when the children interacted with the dinosaurs in several theater acts. The park was filled with the excited squeals of children accompanied by the low moans of the dinosaurs.
Happical Zoo successfully created an out of the world experience for all the visitors by immersing them in the actual environment of the pre-historic era. When visitors come face to face with the sometimes ferocious and sometimes adorable dinosaurs. By breaking the stereotypical image of dinosaurs, visitors find it harder to resist their charms. As one boy exclaimed: “They were way too cool! I love them [dinosaurs] so much! Especially their shining eyes that make them look so real. Who’d know they were just robots? This totally beats the fossils and fake mounted dinosaurs in museums.”
And, Pudoro Corporation has done it again! With a fountain of creativity and a brilliant team with incredible foresight, the future of Happical Zoo looks very bright indeed.