Tiger Crowned King Spokesperson in Happical Zoo Poll!
Aug 18, 1504

The highly publicized Happical Zoo currently held their first annual animal celebrity poll that was greeted with intense fervor by visitors and fans. The competitive event had the animals and their supporters fighting head to head, but the final victory went to the tiger, making the mighty cat the king spokesperson for Happical Zoo.
The animal celebrity poll event was held in two stages—the first stage oversaw an open, global voting session that also included the number of zoo visitors after its grand opening. Out of hundred of animals, only five were nominated including the iridescent peacock, the fragrant butterfly, the elusive giraffe, the king tiger and, the music prodigy wood thrust. The second stage of the competition ended on a high note with zoo visitors choosing the animal they deemed suitable in representing the world-renowned zoo.
The results are as follows: the tiger won the first place with an overwhelming number of votes, the iridescent peacock was runner up, and the harmonic maestro wood thrust came close at third place. Voting week was a blur of chaos and surprises. Aside from breaking another record for the number of visitors, fan bases were also created by animal enthusiasts based on their favorite animals in an attempt to get more votes.
How exactly did Tiger beat out all the equally amazing contenders? Several strange and somewhat absurd reasons were given, including “the tiger looked exactly like my first boyfriend,” “the tiger came to me in a dream demanding to be chosen”, “I don’t know what other animal to choose”, “the tiger is so sweet and obedient just like a little, cuddly kitten”, and finally, “because I was born in the year of the tiger, so without doubt, I give him my full support.” Ultimately, the unanimous reason the tiger’s popularity was greatly due to his mighty posture, attitude and deep, friendly roar.
Regarding this reason, a zoo custodian expressed his thoughts. “It’s a well known fact that in Happical Zoo, the tiger has always been the most popular amongst the other incredible animals. It was a no brainer that he would be the winner of the first animal celebrity event.”
After the results came out, many more people wanted to catch a glimpse of the tiger’s magnificent form, and the tiger’s habitat suddenly became overpopulated with excited children, couples and families. It is no wonder the tiger deserved the title “the king spokesperson”!