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Tenzones' Nestree Project

If you’re like one of the millions of people that spends a third of your time browsing the Internet for good reads, social network sites and awesome videos to share with your friends, how do you find the website that fits the bill? Here's where www.nestree.com comes in. Nestree takes you into a fantasy world that you have never experienced in your life. Ever. Like robots? Check. Like genius children who can do amazing things with science and technology? Check. Like fight scenes, sci-fi, warm and loving stories? Check, check, check! Follow our characters Ador, Eda and Roda as they take you along for the ride on their adventures, and stay up to date with Nestree by visiting our website for exciting videos, unprecedented inventions, a diverse selection of stories and an array of funky merchandise.

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Tenzones Digital Entertainment is a multi-platform digital entertainment company. The company uses its extensive editorial, animation and digital expertise to create entertainment in the form of editorial content, interactive/video games, and books.

Tenzones is home to over fifty accomplished and award-winning sci-fi/adventure writers, artists and designers. Founded in 2009 with headquarters in Hong Kong and an office in Taiwan (Taipei), Tenzones is dedicated to creating top-notch content and quality entertainment that reaches a broad spectrum of people of all ages. Our mission is to fuel imagination and inspire creativity to produce compelling visual storytelling across the media spectrum