Oct 06, 1511
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Kaka, Chief of the South Pacific Seven Island Union (SPSIU), has arrived at Pudoro Island this morning and right paid a visit to Nestree afterwards to negotiate with members of Pudoro Corp about the reconstruction plan after the merciless rain.

SPSIU Chief To Visit Pudoro Corporation

After being hit by a devastating flood last month, the SPSIU faces a tough road ahead to recovery. The flood destroyed resources such as residential and commercial buildings, food, and agricultural goods. The situation has worsened to the point that Chief Kaka has now cried to the public for a helping hand. Kaka stated that due to rainstorms that lasted several days, the SPSIU has been crippled to war-zone like conditions. He expressed the tremendous sorrow he felt upon witnessing the conditions the victims, the majority of which have no food, no clothes, and are unsheltered, affected by the flood are now struggling through. He also noted that the immense rebuilding process is far too great of a task for any nation to handle alone and is requesting the help of surrounding nations in hopes that the SPSIU can soon get back on its feet.