Nestree Explosion Raises Eyebrows on New Energy Plan
Oct 13, 1510
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Early this afternoon at roughly two P.M., an explosion occurred in Pudoro Corporation’s headquarters—Nestree. Large clouds of smoke bellowed into the air as fiery balls of fire stained the sky a temporary reddish-orange color. Rumors have it that the research and development department in the basement suffered a failed experiment, resulting in half a number of staff members suffering minor injuries. Eyewitnesses to this incident claimed that after two shots of explosion rang out, heavy black smoke fumed out of the department and into the sky.

Nestree paramedics hurriedly evacuated all its employees and closed off the scene of the incident. Our reporter continuously interviewed a few of the employees that had been evacuated. Some said they had no idea what happened, except being told to hurry out of the building by the Corporation. Ashi, a research staff at the research and development department said, “The sound of explosives suddenly rang out from the lab next door, and it sure did scared the wits out of me! I thought the lab had been struck by lighting or something! So I tried to go next door to find out what happened before being stopped by the paramedics to leave quickly.”
The incident attracted a number of passerby and neighbors whose curiosities got to the better sides of them. As they scattered around Nestree, they also jammed up traffic and escape routes making it temporarily difficult to evacuate all the Corporation’s employees. When the firefighters finally arrived, they continued to rescue those with third degree burns, and those who had inhaled large amounts of smoke before sending them straight to the Pudoro Medical Center for emergency treatment. One firefighter expressed that the explosion had smoked the entire lab into a shade of black and gray. Several sophisticated instruments and apparatus were completely damaged. Had it not been for Nestree’s advanced and complete safety precautions, the fire might have spread too big and fast to be saved in time.
After the incident, our reporter attempted to contact some of the managerial staff of the Coporation only to receive unanimous answers, which showed that they wanted to keep everything low-key. “It’s more important to save people right now,” was all that our reporter could get out. The rest is still currently under investigation. 
Whether the entire incident was an accident or problems resulting from Nestree’s safety protocol would only be known once the Corporation speaks out. Till then, everything else would merely be a speculation. 

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