Brave Employee Wards Off Robber!
Aug 08, 1500
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 A robbery attempt disrupted the usually quiet streets of Pudoro City early this afternoon. A masked man barged into Dong’s Gold and Jewelry Center, the city’s largest jewelry store in the city. Fortunately the employee on site was quick on his feet and successfully warded the robber off with the aid of the Pudoro Police Force, and no valuables were stolen.

The masked man held up a knife as he shoved the employee behind the counter and demanded cash. Faced with this tense situation, the employee remained calm and led out a piercing scream to distract the robber. The attempt left the robber stunned and confused. During these precious seconds, the employee pressed the alert button while pretending to ring up the cash register. Recalling back, the employee claimed that all that was going through her mind was to “not let the robber make off with even a single cent.”
Gerik, owner of Dong’s, remains in shock and tried to regain his composure before speaking. “I am shocked that the robber had the nerve to do this during the light of day, when literally, anybody could step in any second,” Gerik said. “I am very fortunate to have such a brave employee who didn’t back down even in times of crisis.”
Dong’s is located on the main street of the city, thus there were several passerby who had witnessed the event. However, as the incident unfolded too rapidly, nobody could make out the masked man’s characteristics, until a seven-year old girl by the name of Daimei spoke up. “He was wearing a navy Kung-Fu robe with matching shoes over a thick, muscular body,” the petite girl with thick bangs said softly, but with certainty. “There was a beret on his head and he’d used stockings as a mask.” The police were incredulous at such an in-depth description coming from a girl of such tender age. Not only was she able to observe without fear, Daimei also added, “I have a feeling he’ll get caught soon enough.”
The police are investigating the robbery attempt based on bits and pieces of information provided by the witnesses, while invoking caution to the jewelry shop owners. “It’s a popular season to get married so a lot of consumers will visit gold/jewelry centers to purchase accessories. For this reason, robbery attempts are at an all-time high. Please remain vigilant and cautious.” 
Police say they are stepping up patrol on the streets of the city, and ask that anyone with information regarding the robbery contact them immediately. 

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