Unveiling the World's First Robotic Animal
Oct 15, 1506
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Life has indeed become a lot easier, or at least more convenient, since Pudoro Corporation introduced a wide range of high-tech, albeit user-friendly, products to the general public. From the easy, no-fuss fusion cuisine cooker to the sheer, fuzzy gloves that won’t obstruct your hands while keeping you warm, to the draw-out light papers which enable light to be present any time, anywhere.
So, what comes next?
After years of dedicated efforts in honing the products, the Research and Development Department of the corporation officially launched “The Beebird”—an unprecedented, two-in-one (camera and recorder) robotic hummingbird device. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to look at, the state-of-the-art gadget is small, portable and highly functional. Gone is the need to flag a random person to take a group photo for you. So is the need for one person to be absent from a family portrait. This new invention enables you to enjoy and capture every moment.
Known for their incredible foresight in technology and ability to produce innovative creations, Pudoro Corporation has never ceased to impress every time a new product is released. This time proves to be no exception. Prior to the release, speculations regarding the unknown product were flying about, with hopeful bachelors and ornamental housewives screaming for an updated version of the Fusion Cuisiner. Turned out, they were all in for a delightful surprise!
Despite their incredible breakthroughs in the technology world, the corporation insists on maintaining a humble attitude. According to Mr. Dong-Liang Chang, Head of the Research and Development Department, “The Beebird is merely a small advancement in an limitless world. There are still many areas we need to work on and Pudoro Corporation will continue to improve our creations so that they will be both functional and entertaining to the user.”
While the Beebird leaves room for improvement, experts predict the world will go into a Beebird craze that will whip us into a technological frenzy. It is also a huge step in the advancement of robotic animals. Soon, our lives will be aided by the convenience of these animals, thanks to the geniuses at Pudoro Corporation. In the mean time, folks, it’s a wait and see.

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