Residents in Fear of Escaped Wolf
Aug 30, 1500
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 As the local residents of Pudoro Island could finally put behind them last year’s nightmarish unrest, another animal escape has occurred in Happical Zoo once again. Under the dozing eye of custodian, the wolf gnawed off the electronic fence and took off in the night. Once the news had spread, the residents of the island stepped up on safety precautions as everyone lived in fear of being attacked by the wolf.

A year ago, people gathered at the Whalemouth Plaza to protest against the Happical Zoo for its lack of safety control regarding its animals, which were rapidly corrected and enhanced by Pudoro Corporation. However, after being too comfortable for some time, guards have been let down and now, perhaps the Corporation was too bored or something, they decided to add some excitement to the island.
Around the Happical Zoo, every fifteen meters stands an electromagnetic post, that connect with each other to create a delicate electromagnetic web radiation of electromagnetic wave to confine the robotic animals. To the zoo’s horror, the wolf was able to chew off the post and break out of the confinement. Sanwon, Vice President of Pudoro Corporation, and Sichai, Head of the Communications Department, rushed to the site of the accident along with a group of repair personnel. Sichai promised to the public that the missing wolf was equipped with a certain tracing chip and was to be located and brought back within today.
Although the Corporation had boldly promised to find the wolf, Pudoro residents certainly weren’t that optimistic. Oryza, a farmer, impolitely pointed out his thoughts, “Oh, give me a break. It’s a wolf. A fierce W-O-L-F! And one with no blood or tears! We had all better stay home for a couple of days till it’s all over.” Others were blatantly angry at the zoo. “Happical Zoo is useless! Just shut down, for goodness sake, or else more problems will arise.” The residents actually do have a point. If the wolf was able to saw off the electromagnetic post with his sharp fangs, there is no guarantee that he won’t do the same with house pets, live animals and even humans! So to be on the safe side, folks, and better stock up and stay home until the wolf is back to where he belongs. Watch out for opened doors and windows.
            The erratic behavior of animals last year and another successful escape attempt of a wolf this year has certainly let Pudoro Corporation looking rather bad indeed. With such a high rate of accidents, the Corporation should revamp their security and safety measures in the controlling of their robotic animals in an attempt to regain their reputation! 

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