Missing Children In Fishing Village
Aug 27, 1505
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Aside from the recent mysterious scratch marks and strange noises, Pu-La Village now has two missing children. Dumpling, a seven-year-old boy and his younger sister, six-year-old Shaomai, are missing. The children’s’ parents are entry-level workers at Pudoro Corporation. The children live with their grandparents who fish and farm. The case has caused uproar in the usually peaceful village. This is the first missing case in the village in several decades, and the entire village is aiding the grandparents’ search for the children. However, most of the village’s able-bodied and young have long left home to work for Pudoro Corporation, making the search a difficult one.

When contacted, the missing children’s’ grandfather said tearfully “Some of our farmed goods went missing yesterday. The kids kept insisting they saw strange shadows and wanted to give chase. I tried stopping them the best I could. They didn’t really go after the shadows did they?” The emotional grandmother offered another possible explanation for their disappearance “They must’ve been kidnapped by aliens!”
The parents have been contacted and have arranged for an immediate return to the village.
In a sickening act, a scam group tried to take advantage of the situation. The plan ultimately failed, as the group misidentified the children. Police were able to run a phone chase, locating the scam group and arresting them.
Some have associated the children’s’ disappearance with the still unsolved mysterious scratch marks and strange noises. Others have offered explanations such as kidnapping by water ghosts. Some of the more optimistic villagers believe the children may have simply gone out to play, lost track of time and would soon return home. Another explanation was that the children were simply visiting their parents. When asked to describe the children, one of the villagers offered: “The girl is more out-going and the boy is kind of shy. Although they cause a lot of trouble in the village, they are just kids at the end of the day. Everyone is hoping for their safe return.”
Due to the chain of strange events in the village lately, the adults are restricting the children from going outside.
The parents are encouraging the public with information or sightings on the shorthaired boy and round-faced, small-eyed girl to contact the police.

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