SPSIU Chief Showered With PC's Generous Gifts
Oct 06, 1511
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Kaka, Chief of the South Pacific Seven Island Union (SPSIU), has arrived at Pudoro Island this morning and right paid a visit to Nestree afterwards to negotiate with members of Pudoro Corporation about the reconstruction plan after the merciless rain.

Devastated by the natural disaster earlier in April, the South Pacific area has been fighting against all odds to revive. It took more than a month for the flood to be evacuated, and would continue to take far more time and human efforts to plunge into the local reconstruction, according to Kaka, who has been resorting to public appeal for international assistance. Pudoro Corporation has offered right away to help the disaster area get over the trauma.
The Pudoro Corporation starts the negotiation conference with sympathy and solicitude for the flood victims numbering tens of thousands, and promises to speed up the rescue action so as to aid them. More material resources would be provided to help relieve the status quo—destroyed villages, broken commercial system, dead crops and numerous homeless victims.
Johnson, Head of the R & D Department, offered a series of Moledozers numbering two hundred thousand in total to the union on behalf of the whole Pudoro Corp to help fix the breathtaking picture of the former South Pacific area. The chief was granted with such generosity, in tears.
The industrial design of the Moledozer aims for large-scale land reuse and reconstruction plans. Tiny as its size may seem, it does its job by taking care of the land surface one hundred thousand square meters within one single day. Equipped with transportation function, Moledozer makes it easier for the mud to be removed elsewhere. This donation is quite generous in itself for the Moledozer is priced really high and can only be purchased under official certification.   
After the conversation, members of Pudoro Corporation leave for the worst disaster area in Lapita with the chief to obtain practical insights.

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