Tiger’s Sudden Voice Change Shocks Visitors!
Aug 24, 1510
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Several visitors were quite surprised to discover their favorite animal at Happical Zoo had disappeared from its previous habitat. Turns out, the “King Spokesperson” tiger had merely been relocated to a remote corner of the zoo. In addition, his once, low-bass sexy roar had suddenly become high-pitched and squeaky, as if he had downed several bottles of laughing gas! It was a rather comical sight that induced more than its share of debate and spectacle, drawing more and more people into the tiger’s surroundings. Regarding the sudden change in habitat and change in voice, the Corporation has yet to step out to clarify the air, thus rumors and speculations continue to spread through the grapevine.
The reasons behind the tiger’s sudden voice change is unknown at the moment, but the latest guess is that the number of visitors to Happical Zoo had been low, the worst being there were more animals than visitors! Thus, the zoo intentionally altered the tiger’s voice to create more news and buzz. As a result, Happical Zoo were scorned and jeered as being “the most evil robotic animal empire” in the world. Other wild guesses include the tiger being far too noisy for its own good, screaming and roaring all day at nothing in particular. He had once belted out a roar in the middle of the night, so loud and powerful it toppled a manmade mountain in the zoo. This time, the reason was rumored to be because it was the tiger’s idea of fun to scare a custodian into a near heart attack, and Happical Zoo came to the quick decision of decreasing the tiger’s electric power to a sixty percent. However, none of the aforementioned reasons have been confirmed or refuted by the zoo.
In order to unravel the real reason behind the tiger’s sudden voice change, reporters and paparazzi ambushed the entrance of Happical Zoo for several days, waiting impatiently before finally scoring an interview with the Assistant Director who expressed in what can only be described as an awkward manner. “All the rumors and speculations you’ve heard are completely false! We would never alter or destroy the tiger’s audio system!” The real reason was because numerous visitors had been scared to tears by the tiger’s ferocious roar, causing the number of visitors in the tiger area to rapidly decrease. Thus, the Research and Development Department at Pudoro Corporation decided to decrease the tiger’s power to a near half as to decrease his activity. An invisible protection wall circumvents around his residence to limit the tiger’s space. In the beginning, everything went off smoothly, but the tiger eventually grew dissatisfied with his confinement, forcing himself to ram against the wall. The result was not a swift escape, but rather, the tiger had miraculously rendered his own audio system broken. Now, his voice sounded like the high-pitched, squeaky noise you’d hear from a Christmas Hallmark card.
But the question on everybody’s minds is whether the tiger’s voice will be altered back into its original state. Regarding this, visitors had polar opinions. One little girl, Bubbles said, “Our teacher taught us to always speak in a soft voice. The tiger’s habit of screaming and roaring constantly scares people! I think his current voice is okay. It doesn’t have to be fixed!” Baller, another boy, shook his head furiously at Bubbles’ comment. “No way! The tiger should not have this kind of voice! He is the most powerful animal in the whole world. How can he be crowned the King Spokesperson when he sounds so funny?”
As for parents and chaperones, they agreed to whatever the zoo decides to do. It is understandable since the tiger’s roar had caused minor damage to some visitors’ eardrums in the past, making parents fearful of taking their children to see the tiger. Now, the tiger’s roar no longer penetrates the zoo, so parents need not worry about their child being shaken up. Instead, they can laugh instead of cry.
Who would have thought that by decreasing the tiger’s power to a half would create this perfect mistake, let alone becoming another headliner for several weeks. Currently, Happical Zoo decided against fixing the tiger’s voice. Looks like gone are the days of the might tiger roar!


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