Where does your inspiration come from?


There are a lot of sources for my inspiration, but the question should be if I could effectively use these ideas. For example, when I randomly talk to my friends, we would end up talking about everything. Still, not everything interesting we talked about can be effectively put to use.


I also go to bookstores often to read works of other authors. To me, writing is about rhythm and structure. I would often stop and ask myself why is it that the author raises this point, or writes in this way, at this point in time of the story. Or I ask myself if there is a way to utilize the same technique in my own writing.


Is there something that you do, like some sort of routine that guarantees you “inspiration”?


Reading other writers’ stories. Especially reading detective stories. I usually hit a writer’s block when I have developed my story in a set direction, and therefore I get stuck in how to resolve the story or situation that I have created. The only way to solve the situation is to jump out of it and look for other possibilities. However, it is impossible for a person to do it alone. I need to converse with others. Nonetheless, when I get anxious I don’t want to talk to anyone. Still, by reading detective novels it enables me to come up with a new situation and look for other possibilities.



What is the “creation” that you take the most pride in?


I haven’t fully written it out yet. I only have thoughts and ideas of it. However, since I know that there are going to be a million words for one of the books, I just can’t get myself to start on it.


Have you ever felt like your “creation” came to life, after writing your story?


No. Not at all! Because most of my characters are very theatrical! Maybe it’s because I mostly write fantasies. The intensity of characters is important to me, so their motives and traits are vey straightforward and clear. It is not easy to spot in real life.


If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Why are you asking this question…Beef, specifically steak, I’m a carnivore. For me, if I don’t eat meat for one or two days, I would shiver, literally.




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